Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) & Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT)

If your visa application has been refused, contact valid Visas immediately and we may be able to make an appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT). The (MRT) is a statutory body that provides a final independent merits review of visa and visa-related decisions made by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship (the Minister) or by officers of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) acting as delegates of the Minister.

The Review Process

When a negative decision is made by a Delegate, such as a refusal or a cancellation of a visa, in many cases there is an opportunity for review of the decision. The Tribunals are designed to be a cost effective and informal way of presenting to a Tribunal Member reasons for why a negative decision should be changed. The Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) hears cases such as the refusal or cancellation of partner, employer-sponsored, and many more types of visas.

Why Choose a Registered Migration Agent/Lawyer?

To many applicants the review process can be intimidating. A registered migration agent/lawyer is able to use his/her skills and experience in order to assist you to put the best case for review forward. At validvisas we understand the procedural guidelines of the Tribunal and are in a position to assist in guiding a Member in reaching the best and preferable decision. As registered migration lawyers we make use of past Tribunal decisions and immigration case law in making strong written and oral submissions on behalf of a client.

If you have any queries about a refusal or cancellation of a visa, or any review queries, please contact us.

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